Katsu is the first one to wake up in the morning. She goes into the bathroom, pees briefly, and powders her nose.
As usual, she goes down to the open-plan kitchen and prepares three breakfasts.

The first one: three scrambled egg-whites, two toasts with margarine and fig jam, one one-minute-microwave-defrosted kanelbullar and an instant coffee sweetened with one pill of saccharine and three drops of cyanide.

The second one: one sandwich made of boiled eggs, imported dried tomato and a bunch (literally a bunch) of coriander that she wraps with aluminium paper and introduces in the bag that hangs by the entrance door, next to the keys of her Caddy.

The third one: one gourmet chopped-liver-and-beef can, mixed with five crushed valium pills and a little bit of tap water.

Katsu lights up a Marlboro cigarette and leaves home after a loving caress to her husband and a passionate kiss to her poodle. Taking her bag and the car keys, she goes through the door with a big, bright smile.
She likes Mondays.

Fashion Design: Ferré Ritó
Model: Katariina Mustonen
Styling: Serafín Sánchez
Photography: La Nueva Carne & Leti Cabana
Editing: Leti Cabana

Published in Neo2